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Macrobiotus  C.A.S. Schultze, 1834
Taxonomic Serial No.: 155364

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumTardigrada  – tardigrades, water bears, tardigrades, tardígrado  
                ClassEutardigrada Richters, 1926 – eutardigrades  
                   OrderParachela Schuster, Nelson, Grigarick and Christenberry, 1980  
                      FamilyMacrobiotidae Thulin, 1928  
                         SubfamilyMacrobiotinae Guidetti, Rebecchi and Bertolani, 2000  
                            GenusMacrobiotus C.A.S. Schultze, 1834  
    Direct Children:  
                               Species Macrobiotus acontiscus De Barros, 1942  
                               Species Macrobiotus alekseevi Tumanov, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus allani Murray, 1913  
                               Species Macrobiotus altitudinalis Biserov, 1998  
                               Species Macrobiotus anderssoni Richters, 1908  
                               Species Macrobiotus andinus Maucci, 1988  
                               Species Macrobiotus annae Richters, 1908  
                               Species Macrobiotus aradasi Binda, Pilato and Lisi, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus areolatus Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus arguei Pilato and Sperlinga, 1975  
                               Species Macrobiotus ariekammensis Wêglarska, 1965  
                               Species Macrobiotus armatus Pilato and Binda, 1996  
                               Species Macrobiotus artipharyngis Iharos, 1940  
                               Species Macrobiotus ascensionis Richters, 1908  
                               Species Macrobiotus australis Pilato and D'Urso, 1976  
                               Species Macrobiotus baltatus McInnes, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus barabanovi Tumanov, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus beotiae Durante and Maucci, 1979  
                               Species Macrobiotus biserovi Bertolani, Guidi and Rebecchi, 1995  
                               Species Macrobiotus blocki Dastych, 1984  
                               Species Macrobiotus bondavallii Manicardi, 1989  
                               Species Macrobiotus brevipes Mihelcic, 1971  
                               Species Macrobiotus caelicola Kathman, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus cargatensis Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2002  
                               Species Macrobiotus carsicus Maucci, 1954  
                               Species Macrobiotus centesimus Pilato, 2000  
                               Species Macrobiotus chieregoi Maucci and Durante Pasa, 1981  
                               Species Macrobiotus contii Pilato and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus corgatensis Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2002  
                               Species Macrobiotus coronatus De Barros, 1942  
                               Species Macrobiotus crassidens Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus crenatus Maucci, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus crenulatus Richters, 1904  
                               Species Macrobiotus csotiensis Iharos, 1966  
                               Species Macrobiotus danielae Pilato, Binda, Napolitano and Moncada, 2001  
                               Species Macrobiotus danielisae Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus dariae Pilato and Bertolani, 2004  
                               Species Macrobiotus denticulus Dastych, 2002  
                               Species Macrobiotus diffusus Binda and Pilato, 1987  
                               Species Macrobiotus divergens Binda, Pilato and Lisi, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus diversus Biserov, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus drakensbergi Dastych, 1993  
                               Species Macrobiotus dubius Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus echinogenitus Richters, 1904  
                               Species Macrobiotus erminiae Binda and Pilato, 1999  
                               Species Macrobiotus evelinae De Barros, 1938  
                               Species Macrobiotus furciger Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus garynahi Kaczmarek, Michalczyk and Diduszko, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus gemmatus Bartos, 1963  
                               Species Macrobiotus gerlachae Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2004  
                               Species Macrobiotus glebkai Biserov, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus granatai Pardi, 1941  
                               Species Macrobiotus grandis Richters, 1911  
                               Species Macrobiotus hapukuensis Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus harmsworthi Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus hibiscus De Barros, 1942  
                               Species Macrobiotus hieronimi Pilato and Claxton, 1988  
                               Species Macrobiotus higginsi Maucci, 1987  
                               Species Macrobiotus hufelandi C.A.S. Schultze, 1834  
                               Species Macrobiotus humilis Binda and Pilato, 2001  
                               Species Macrobiotus huziori Michalczyk and Kaczmarek, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus hyperboreus Biserov, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus hyperonyx Maucci, 1982  
                               Species Macrobiotus hystricogenitus Maucci, 1978  
                               Species Macrobiotus iharosi Pilato, Binda and Catanzaro, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus insignis Bartos, 1963  
                               Species Macrobiotus insularis Pilato, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus islandicus Richters, 1904  
                               Species Macrobiotus joannae Pilato and Binda, 1984  
                               Species Macrobiotus kirghizicus Tumanov, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus kolleri Mihelcic, 1951  
                               Species Macrobiotus komareki Bartos, 1939  
                               Species Macrobiotus kovalevi Tumanov, 2004  
                               Species Macrobiotus kozharai Biserov, 1999  
                               Species Macrobiotus krynauwi Dastych and Harris, 1995  
                               Species Macrobiotus kurasi Dastych, 1981  
                               Species Macrobiotus lissostomus Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1979  
                               Species Macrobiotus liviae Ramazzotti, 1962  
                               Species Macrobiotus longipes Mihelcic, 1971  
                               Species Macrobiotus lorenae Biserov, 1996  
                               Species Macrobiotus lusitanicus Maucci and Durante Pasa, 1986  
                               Species Macrobiotus macrocalix Bertolani and Rebecchi, 1993  
                               Species Macrobiotus madegassus Maucci, 1993  
                               Species Macrobiotus magdalenae Michalczyk and Kaczmarek, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus mandalaae Pilato, 1974  
                               Species Macrobiotus marlenae Kaczmarek and Michalczyk, 2004  
                               Species Macrobiotus mauccii Pilato, 1974  
                               Species Macrobiotus meridionalis Richters, 1909  
                               Species Macrobiotus mongolicus Maucci, 1988  
                               Species Macrobiotus montanus Murray, 1910  
                               Species Macrobiotus morulatus Bartos, 1936  
                               Species Macrobiotus mottai Binda and Pilato, 1995  
                               Species Macrobiotus nelsonae Guidetti, 1998  
                               Species Macrobiotus norvegicus Mihelcic, 1971  
                               Species Macrobiotus nuragicus Pilato and Sperlinga, 1975  
                               Species Macrobiotus occidentalis Murray, 1910  
                               Species Macrobiotus ocotensis Pilato, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus orcadensis Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus ovidii Bartos, 1937  
                               Species Macrobiotus ovostriatus Pilato and Patanè, 1998  
                               Species Macrobiotus ovovillosus Baumann, 1960  
                               Species Macrobiotus pallarii Maucci, 1954  
                               Species Macrobiotus papillosus Iharos, 1963  
                               Species Macrobiotus patagonicus Maucci, 1988  
                               Species Macrobiotus patiens Pilato, Binda, Napolitano and Moncada, 2000  
                               Species Macrobiotus persimilis Binda and Pilato, 1972  
                               Species Macrobiotus personatus Biserov, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus peteri Pilato, Claxton and Binda, 1990  
                               Species Macrobiotus peterseni Maucci, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus picardi Mihelcic, 1960  
                               Species Macrobiotus pilatoi Binda and Rebecchi, 1992  
                               Species Macrobiotus polaris Murray, 1910  
                               Species Macrobiotus polonicus Pilato, Kaczmarek, Michalczyk and Lisi, 2003  
                               Species Macrobiotus polyopus Marcus, 1928  
                               Species Macrobiotus porteri Rahm, 1931  
                               Species Macrobiotus potockii Wêglarska, 1968  
                               Species Macrobiotus primitivae De Barros, 1942  
                               Species Macrobiotus priviterae Binda, Pilato, Moncada and Napolitano, 2001  
                               Species Macrobiotus psephus Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944  
                               Species Macrobiotus pseudocoronatus Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus pseudoliviae Pilato and Binda, 1996  
                               Species Macrobiotus pseudonuragicus Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2004  
                               Species Macrobiotus punctillus Pilato, Binda and Azzaro, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus radiatus Pilato, Binda and Catanzaro, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus ragonesei Binda, Pilato, Moncada and Napolitano, 2001  
                               Species Macrobiotus ramoli Dastych, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus rawsoni Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  
                               Species Macrobiotus recens Cuénot, 1932  
                               Species Macrobiotus reinhardti Michalczyk and Kaczmarek, 2003  
                               Species Macrobiotus richtersi Murray, 1911  
                               Species Macrobiotus rigidus Pilato and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus rioplatensis Claps and Rossi, 1997  
                               Species Macrobiotus rollei Heinis, 1921  
                               Species Macrobiotus rubens Murray, 1907  
                               Species Macrobiotus sandrae Bertolani and Rebecchi, 1993  
                               Species Macrobiotus santoroi Pilato and D'Urso, 1976  
                               Species Macrobiotus sapiens Binda and Pilato, 1986  
                               Species Macrobiotus savai Binda and Pilato, 2001  
                               Species Macrobiotus semmelweisi Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus serratus Bertolani, Guidi and Rebecchi, 1995  
                               Species Macrobiotus seychellensis Biserov, 1994  
                               Species Macrobiotus shennongensis Yang, 1999  
                               Species Macrobiotus siamensis Tumanov, 2006  
                               Species Macrobiotus sicheli Binda, Pilato and Lisi, 2005  
                               Species Macrobiotus simulans Pilato, Binda, Napolitano and Moncada, 2000  
                               Species Macrobiotus snaresensis Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  
                               Species Macrobiotus spectabilis Thulin, 1928  
                               Species Macrobiotus spertii Ramazzotti, 1957  
                               Species Macrobiotus stellaris Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944  
                               Species Macrobiotus submorulatus Iharos, 1966  
                               Species Macrobiotus tenuis Binda and Pilato, 1972  
                               Species Macrobiotus terminalis Bertolani and Rebecchi, 1993  
                               Species Macrobiotus terricola Mihelcic, 1949  
                               Species Macrobiotus tetraplacoides Fontoura, 1981  
                               Species Macrobiotus tonollii Ramazzotti, 1956  
                               Species Macrobiotus topali Iharos, 1969  
                               Species Macrobiotus tridigitus Schuster, 1983  
                               Species Macrobiotus vanescens Pilato, Binda and Catanzaro, 1991  
                               Species Macrobiotus virgatus Murray, 1910  
                               Species Macrobiotus walteri Biserov, 1998  
                               Species Macrobiotus wauensis Iharos, 1973  
                               Species Macrobiotus willardi Pilato, 1977  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
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  Publication Place:    
  Reference for: Macrobiotus   

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