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Delphacodes  Fieber, 1866
Taxonomic Serial No.: 901075

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2011   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHemiptera Linnaeus, 1758 – true bugs, hemipterans  
                                  SuborderAuchenorrhyncha  – hoppers  
                                        SuperfamilyFulgoroidea  – planthoppers, fulgores, Planthoppers  
                                           FamilyDelphacidae Leach, 1815 – delphacid planthoppers  
                                              SubfamilyDelphacinae Leach, 1815  
                                                 TribeDelphacini Leach, 1815  
                                                    GenusDelphacodes Fieber, 1866  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Delphacodes aculeata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes acuministyla Dozier, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes adunca Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes agropyri Ishihara, 1949  
                                                       Species Delphacodes alpina (Sahlberg, 1871)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes amblystylis Fennah, 1956  
                                                       Species Delphacodes andromeda (Van Duzee, 1907)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes angulata Beamer, 1947  
                                                       Species Delphacodes anthracina (Horváth, 1909)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes anufrievi Wilson, 1992  
                                                       Species Delphacodes apicata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes arcuata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes ardentis Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes argentina Remes Lenikov and Tesón, 1979  
                                                       Species Delphacodes aterrimus Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes atrior (Fowler, 1905)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes audrasi Ribaut, 1953  
                                                       Species Delphacodes axillaris (Sahlberg, 1876)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes balli Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes banosensis Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes bellicosa Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes bergi (Scott, 1881)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes bifurca Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes bocana Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes burjata (Kusnezov, 1929)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes caerulata Beamer, 1947  
                                                       Species Delphacodes capnodes (Scott, 1870)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes carinata (Glover, 1877)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes catilina Fennah, 1958  
                                                       Species Delphacodes cayamensis (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes celaeno Fennah, 1956  
                                                       Species Delphacodes cerberus Fennah, 1957  
                                                       Species Delphacodes chiloensis Muir, 1929  
                                                       Species Delphacodes choroebus Fennah, 1958  
                                                       Species Delphacodes compta Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes conspicua (Horváth, 1904)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes culta (Van Duzee, 1907)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes curvistyla Dozier, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes darwini Muir, 1929  
                                                       Species Delphacodes dentipennis Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes dentis Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes detecta (Van Duzee, 1897)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes distanti Metcalf, 1943  
                                                       Species Delphacodes elongatus Tesón and Remes Lenicov, 1983  
                                                       Species Delphacodes emeljanovi Wilson, 1992  
                                                       Species Delphacodes esakii Matsumura and Ishihara, 1945  
                                                       Species Delphacodes fascia (Lindberg, 1960)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes flava Metcalf, 1943  
                                                       Species Delphacodes flavida (Melichar, 1903)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes framarib Asche and Remane, 1983  
                                                       Species Delphacodes fukuokae Ishihara, 1949  
                                                       Species Delphacodes furcata (Provancher, 1872)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes fuscifrons (Fieber, 1879)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes gilveola (Kirschbaum, 1868)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes gluciophila Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes gracilis (Matsumura, 1915)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes graminis Lindberg, 1958  
                                                       Species Delphacodes guianensis Muir, 1919  
                                                       Species Delphacodes hemiptera (Germar, 1818)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes hyas (Kirkaldy, 1907)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes incerta (Van Duzee, 1897)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes incurva Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes indentistyla Dozier, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes ixion Fennah, 1958  
                                                       Species Delphacodes kahavalu Kirkaldy, 1906  
                                                       Species Delphacodes koebelei Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes kotonis (Matsumura, 1940)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes kuscheli Fennah, 1955  
                                                       Species Delphacodes lappae Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes latidens Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes latifrons (Fieber, 1872)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes latus Remes Lenikov and Tesón, 1979  
                                                       Species Delphacodes leptypha (Amyot, 1847)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes linnavuorii (Le Quesne, 1960)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes livida Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes lutea Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes luteivitta (Walker, 1851)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes lutulentoides Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes macroptera (Costa, 1834)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes magna (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes marginalis (Motschulsky, 1863)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes marginicornis (Fowler, 1905)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes mcateei Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes melanocephala (Fieber, 1879)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes mesada Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951  
                                                       Species Delphacodes modesta (Fieber, 1866)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes montezumae Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes muirella Metcalf, 1943  
                                                       Species Delphacodes muirianus Izzard, 1936  
                                                       Species Delphacodes mulsanti (Fieber, 1866)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes munda Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nastasi Asche and Remane, 1983  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigerrima Ishihara, 1949  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigricans (Matsumura, 1910)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigricula (Berg, 1879)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigridorsum (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigrifacies Muir, 1918  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigrigaster (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigrinota Beamer, 1951  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nigripennata Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes nitens Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes ornatipennis (Haupt, 1929)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes pacifica (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes pallidula (Melichar, 1903)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes paludicola Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes parvistylus Muir, 1929  
                                                       Species Delphacodes patruelis (Stĺl, 1859)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes penedetecta Beamer, 1950  
                                                       Species Delphacodes penelutea Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes peneparvula Beamer, 1947  
                                                       Species Delphacodes penepuella Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes perusta Beamer, 1947  
                                                       Species Delphacodes platystylus Muir, 1930  
                                                       Species Delphacodes plenatra Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes puella (Van Duzee, 1897)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes puertoricensis Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951  
                                                       Species Delphacodes quadridentis Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes quadrispinosa Muir and Giffard, 1924  
                                                       Species Delphacodes radiata (Costa, 1834)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes rectangularis (Crawford, 1914)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes recurvata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes reducta (Van Duzee, 1907)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes rivularis (Germar, 1830)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sabrina Fennah, 1958  
                                                       Species Delphacodes saccharicola Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sagae Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sagata (Fowler, 1905)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sahlbergiana Ishihara, 1949  
                                                       Species Delphacodes saxicola Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes schinias Asche and Remane, 1983  
                                                       Species Delphacodes scolochloa Cronin and Wilson, 2007  
                                                       Species Delphacodes securigera Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes selkirki (Muir in Bergroth, 1924)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes seminigra (Stĺl, 1854)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes semiobscura Metcalf, 1943  
                                                       Species Delphacodes serrata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes shermani (Metcalf, 1923)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes silvae Beamer, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sitarea Remes Lenikov and Tesón, 1979  
                                                       Species Delphacodes spinosus Tesón and Remes Lenicov, 1983  
                                                       Species Delphacodes staminata (Metcalf, 1923)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes stigmaticalis (Curtis, 1837)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes stricklandi Metcalf, 1946  
                                                       Species Delphacodes sucinea Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes tapina (Fieber, 1866)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes tenae Muir, 1926  
                                                       Species Delphacodes thersander Fennah, 1956  
                                                       Species Delphacodes trimaculata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes truncata Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes turgida Beamer, 1948  
                                                       Species Delphacodes uncinata (Fieber, 1866)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes unistrigosa (Motschulsky, 1863)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes univittata (Berg, 1879)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes vaccina Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951  
                                                       Species Delphacodes variabilis Remes Lenikov and Tesón, 1979  
                                                       Species Delphacodes waldeni (Metcalf, 1923)  
                                                       Species Delphacodes walkeri Metcalf, 1943  
                                                       Species Delphacodes xerophila Muir, 1926  

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